Student Research Symposium | Pemba Mwepu

Student Research Symposium | Pemba Mwepu October 18, 2008 Student Research Symposium Zelazo Center for the Performing Arts Student Session I - Moderator: Professor and SOIS Dean Johannes Britz Michelle Caswell, "Instant Documentation: Cell Phone Generated Records in Archives" Monica Light, "XML's Xlink, Xpath & Xpointer Languages" Soohyung Joo, "Confirmatory Analysis of the Usability Model in Academic Digital Libraries" Student Session II - Moderator: Professor and SOIS Associate Dean Hope Olson Su-Yu Lin, "When East Meets West" Marta Magnuson, "Perception of Self and the "Other": An Analysis of Challenges to And Tango Makes Three" Student Session III - Moderator: SOIS Associate Professor Thomas Walker Sarah Freese, "Loss and Languages: Information Seeking Behaviors in Grieving and Traumatized Individuals" Pemba Mwepu, "The Adverse Effects of an ineffective and inadequate Library System on the Society of Zambia" Panel and Keynote Session "Library Research, Library Practice" Paula Kiely, Library Director, Milwaukee Public Library Joyce Latham, Assistant Professor, SOIS Student Session IV - Moderator: SOIS Professor Dietmar Wolfram Carolyn Hansen, "We Can Only be Responsible for What We Remember": False Memory, Ethics, and Information Professionals Kun Lu, "A New Approach to Evaluate Web Information Resources" Melodie Fox, "Re-collecting the Woman's Building Library of the 1893 World's Columbia Exposition" Closing Remarks SOIS Associate Professor Wooseob Jeong


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